Eckhard Buchholz -
Painter and artist
Eckhard Buchholz

His career

  • Eckhard Buchholz was born in 1941 in Stettin, now Szczecin in Poland.
  • When he was two, his family was driven by the war to move to Stralsund on the Baltic Sea.
  • In 1956 he finished his apprenticeship as a motor-vehicle mechanic, and in 1959 he started employment at the Stralsund shipyard as a mechanic.
  • Since his early youth he has been interested and active in painting.
  • After years of self-education, he became a student of the well-known Stralsund painter Prof. Tom Bayer - from 1976 until 1979.
  • From 1979 until 1981 he studied the history of art at the "Ernst-Moritz-Arndt" University of Greifswald.
  • From 1986 untol 1987 studies in painting and graphics followed at the school of arts in Berlin-Weißensee.
  • Since 1991 Eckhard Buchholz has been a member of the Pomeranian Federation of Artists, and was elected their vice-chairman in 1992.

His painting

  • Eckhard Buchholz applies various techniques and materials, from oil painting to woodcutting.
  • He prefers painting in oil and palette-knife work on hardboard.
  • By working with the palette-knife, he adds structure to the colours and thus emphasizes their effect.
  • The people and landscapes of the coast are the preferred subjects of his paintings. He captures their moods and portrays the beautiful atmosphere of the coastal landscape.
  • Painting the people of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also means showing the things they are moved by - pictures of change and peaceful revolution in Germany.
  • Between 1998 and 2001 he focused on the early history of Pomerania and produced a painting cycle about the vikings.